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11.00 - 23.00

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Monday - Sunday

Chef Thomas Nowak specialises in a range of Swiss delicacies, including the famous fondue and other traditional dishes. The food is hearty and the portions are generous. Begin with salmon tartar served minced on a bed of rocket leaves with toasted bread. It tastes delightfully fresh with hints of dill and other herbs. From the hot appetisers, risotto enhanced with boletus mushrooms is prepared the way it is done in Lugano. Served steaming hot and firm to the bite, it is sprinkled with cheese and garnished with fresh oregano, the zingy flavour of which provides an intriguing counterpart to the aromatic mushrooms. Sliced veal and kidney is tender and immersed in a flavoursome champignon sauce. Homemade potato roesti is a perfect companion. Roasted spring chicken marinated with rosemary could be a little more well-done but is exquisitely delicate nonetheless. Sweet with the right amount of sourness, rhubarb compote with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream brings a lovely closure.

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